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Legislative History in Virginia

Provides resources that can be used to track pending legislation, discover the intent behind a bill, and trace the history of changes to a law


  • Virginia. Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia [title varies]. (Richmond, 1776–  ). K71.1.V84 [yr] thru K71.1.V87 [yr]
  • Virginia. Index of Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia [title varies]. (Richmond, 1912–2000). KFV2440.A5 [yr] 
  • Virginia. Index to Enrolled Bills of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1776 to 1910. (Richmond,1911). KFV2440.A5 1776/1910
  • Virginia. The Laws of Virginia: Being a Supplement to Hening's The Statutes at Large, 17001750. (Richmond, 1971). K71.1.V73 H5 1969 suppl. 
  • Virginia. The Statutes at Large: Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, From the First Session of the Legislature in the Year 1619. (Charlottesville,1969). K71.1.V73 H5 1969
  • Virginia. The Statutes at Large of Virginia, From October Session 1792, to December Session 1806 [i.e. 1807], Inclusive, in 3 Volumes, (New Series, ) Being a Continuation of Hening... (Richmond, 1835–36). K71.1.V73 S5


  • Library of Congress. Records of the States of the United States of America : [Virginia, 16601837 : B.2 Session Laws]: a Microfilm Compilation. (Washington,1949). Film 358
  • Virginia. Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia [title varies]. (Richmond, 1838–1870). Film 358a

Archival Resources

Search the Archives and Manuscripts collection in the catalog to locate individual Acts (e.g., "Act of Assembly" 1714).