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Confederate Rosters Index

Index to unofficial rosters of soldiers from Virginia who served for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War

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Confederate Rosters Index


This is an index to a collection of unofficial rosters of soldiers from Virginia who served in the military forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. These rosters represent the work of the Department of Confederate Military Records and its predecessor, the Office of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records, from 1904 until 1918.

The rosters provide the name of the soldier, rank, date of enlistment or commission, and sometimes remarks including killed in battle, captured, etc. Each record also indicates the source of the indexed information and microfilm reel number.

Search Tips

  • Search terms include the name, rank, battallion, battery, company, regiment, or other service units. Names may be abbreviated (e.g. Jno for John, Wm. for William). Examples of search terms include:
    • Regiment: 23rd (Infantry)
    • Rank: Private (most likely)
    • Company: G
    • Company: Captain William's
  • Using quotes around phrases may return fewer, more relevant results.
  • Boolean operators OR, NOT and AND written in ALL CAPS may be used.  By default, all search terms will be combined with the AND operator. To exclude terms, use the NOT operator before a term.
  • Wildcards can be used to find variant spellings or words. The question mark (?) will match any one character. For instance, "Ols?n" will match "Olsen" or "Olson". The asterisk (*) will match any number of characters (including zero). "Ch*ter" will match "Charter", "Character", and "Chapter", and "Temp*" will match "Temptation", "Temple", and "Temporary".

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Revised February 2021