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Virginia Untold: The African American Narrative

Project overview and search strategies for accessing pre-1867 records of enslaved and free Black Virginians

Volunteer Opportunities

seated white woman and black woman looking at a laptop computer screen
Transcribe volunteers, Library of Virginia

Virginia Untold is intended to be a conversation – between archivists, historians, the public, and the records themselves. We want to share what we discover with others, and we want to hear your thoughts and impressions about what you find and learn from researching, reading, or transcribing this rich, moving content. We post monthly updates and stories from Virginia Untold on the Library's Uncommonwealth blog. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and X using #VaUntold. A full listing of previous presentations and research video tutorials can be found on the Virginia Untold playlist on the Library's YouTube page. 

Making History is the Library's document transcription project powered by the crowd. Many documents within Virginia Untold have already been transcribed by our dedicated volunteers. Help improve the discoverability of these sources by transcribing or indexing one of the project's many record types. Give it a try by signing up for a free account on our transcription platform: From the Page. If you like it, you can register, keep track of your work, and get recognized for your contributions. 

Events and Exhibits

We host Virginia Untold related events throughout the year. Visit the Events Calendar to see a full listing of events and exhibits at the Library. Sign up for transcribe-a-thons at the Making History event site.

Freedom on Paper exhibit panel and materials in exhibit cases in library lobby
Freedom on Paper Exhibit featuring "Free Negro Registers" Juneteenth 2022. Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA


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